SEP (Salmon Enhancement Project) Workshop 2013 on Bowen Island

“SEP 35th Anniversary”

The Bowen Island Fish & Wildlife Club (BIF&WC) in conjunction with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation are pleased to announce that the Salmon Enhancement Program (SEP) Community Volunteer Workshop 2013 will be held on Bowen Island May 17 – 19 (Victoria Day Long weekend), 2013.

This event takes place every two years and is an opportunity for SEP, a DFO initiative, to say ‘thank you” to all the volunteers working in hatcheries, monitoring their local streams and oceans, streamkeepers activities, habitat restoration and community outreach throughout British Columbia.

Accomodation will be B&B’s on Bowen as well as Hotels in West Vancouver.  We will be arranging transportation to Bowen.

For more information please go to   If you want to look at 2013 workshop go here
This is the B.C. Ferries home page  Please note that you only pay at the Horseshoe Bay Terminal.  Your fare paid is a return fare.  When you leave Bowen you just walk on or drive on the ferry.  Return proof of purchased fare is not required.  It’s only a short 20 min. ferry ride each way, but on the Horseshoe Bay side you must be there at least 15 min. before the scheduled saling time.